International keynote speaker, published author, educator and business coach.
Creator of the PropelHer™ System.
Seen or quoted on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX.
Endorsed by Kent Babb of The Washington Post.
Adjunct professor for MBA, MA and MS graduate students
Rockhurst University - The Helzberg School of Management.

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Be the Difference
June 14th, 2016 | Blog, Communication, Leadership

BE the Difference Have you ever felt like every time you attend a workshop it’s because you need to be “fixed?” If so, you’re going to the wrong workshops. Instead of telling you what needs to be fixed, I’m telling you that you already have what it takes inside you. All you need to do is refine it a little, and recognize it to use it more effectively. How many times have we been told we “can’t” do something? As my daughter once said, “What if Helen Keller would’ve believed it when someone told her that she was just another

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Is Forgiveness Effective Communication
June 14th, 2016 | Blog, Communication, Leadership

Forgive and forget? Not as easy as it sounds. Most people have a relationship in their lives, business or personal, that has suffered because of something another person has said or done, or we think they have. Why don’t we talk about it? Some people have already decided that nothing would change, so why bother. They decide to take the easy road … do nothing. The challenge is that while they are doing nothing, the situation really is doing something. It is hurting you emotionally and, what may surprise you, it’s hurting you physically, too. In January of 2014 the

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