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Here are the places Barbara has been seen and quoted


“. . . This book and its step-by-step lessons should never be far from reach.” Kent Babb – The Washington Post

One of the most listened to talk radio stations, Kansas City’s KMBZ searched for a communications expert and selected Barbara for their interview and broadcast.
Barbara has been interviewed many times in the US and Canada as a communications expert, as she was by CJOB
Winnepeg, Manitoba, radio 680 AM.
Business Innovators
Listen to Barbara’s interview on Business Innovators Magazine – The Most Innovative Leaders in Business.
The Stars
According to Diane Stafford of The Star, “She (Barbara Teicher, CSP) uses the acronym V.A.S.T. as a communication guide. You have better odds with your listeners if you make them feel Valued, Accepted, Secure and Trusted…”
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