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Meet Barbara

Many years ago I became intrigued by the way people communicate with each other. Not the actual words they use, more the messages they were sending to each other. Much of the time, they didn’t realize what impressions the other person was picking up.I spent many years in corporate America. I have spent the last ten years with my company researching, speaking, coaching and consulting on effective business communication and leadership development .

“To develop great leaders you must first develop great people.”
Barbara Teicher
There’s no way you get to know me without getting to know my true heart. That’s why I’ve included this picture of what makes my heart beat each day: My sweet husband of 23 years and our daughter we were told we could never have (Don’t EVER tell a woman she “can’t” do something!). This picture was taken at the launch party for my book, “It’s HOW You Say It”®. It was a perfect evening with people I love and care about so much.
This second picture is outside my church. I am very active there and my faith is a big part of who I am. You may not see it obviously on the outside but I hope you see it shining from the inside.

Meet Aspen, the company’s “Director of Emotional Support!”
She is a 75 lb Lab mix we rescued from the shelter almost four years ago.
She is our Kansas tornado and has two speeds: sleep and chaos!

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