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International Key Note Speaker
Published Author, Educator and Business Coach

“ Accelerating women to be influential leaders with greater impact ”

I created Etc. Executive Training and Coaching to help people improve their communication skills. It is my passion. Using the latest research from the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and national research studies (along with plenty of humor), I teach executives and employees to tailor their communication to different personalities, situations and relationships.
My keynotes, training and workshops give participants:
  • A ready-to-use toolbox of communication principles.
  • Clear, actionable steps that can radically change relationships at work and at home.
  • A positive plan for dealing with organizational change.



I am honored to be a Certified Speaking Professional. CSP is the only earned designation by the National Speakers Association. Fewer than 8% of professional speakers worldwide have this earned designation.

In July 2014, I published “It’s HOW You Say It,® Effective Business Communication Skills,” which tackles the common problems in business communication, improving leadership practices, and using relationships to create incredible improvements in your business.

“Leadership should be as much about your journey as a person
as it is a destination to your career.”
– Barbara Teicher

Barbara specializes in:

  • Business Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Coaching




Barbara engages an audience and brings them on an entertaining journey that leaves them inspired and asking for more. Barbara’s accomplishments as an international speaker are demonstrated not only by the prestigious CSP designation she has earned, but also by the countless repeat clients whose members ask for her by name.  Learn more about her keynotes here.

  • It’s HOW You Say It® (also the title of her first book) – Secrets of the Messages You’re Really Sending
  • Resilience at 7K Feet – Taking on Life’s Challenges and Coming Out on Top
  • Just Fill Up the Glass – Approaching Work with Optimism in a Negative Environment



Barbara has conducted workshops for leaders, managers, members and employees of associations, government agencies and corporations that represent some of the most recognized brands in the world. Barbara customizes workshops from one day to two weeks for leaders, managers and individual contributors. Customized workshops that are longer in length, or ongoing, can also be developed to meet individual company objectives. All workshops are interactive and results oriented.

The most requested workshop topics are:

  • It’s Not Just What You Say, “It’s HOW You Say It®
  • How to Say “NO” with Finesse
  • Manager’s Workshop – The Foundations of Success
  • Leaders, Being Transformed
  • Do Your Meetings Look More Like an Ambush?


Corporate Training

Barbara customizes training experiences to meet the objectives of the business. This is done with a personal approach to each individual situation and need. Barbara has delivered corporate training programs for countless Fortune 50-500 corporations. She has won numerous awards including the prestigious international Action Management Associates “Million Dollar Award” for outstanding instructor performance resulting in a documented impact of more than $1 million.



Barbara helps leaders achieve business and individual development goals in areas that may include: relationship building, effective communication, career development, personal improvement or a combination of these.

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